Inspired by… (A Blog Circle)

Long before I became an actual photographer, I had followed some amazing photographers on Facebook, not sure how I actually came about them – but I always enjoyed (and still do!) seeing their images in my newsfeed.

One of the first ones was My Four Hens Photography. I was absolutely drawn into the way she captured her subjects. The colors of her images were always so beautiful. Sarah is one of the most down to earth people on this planet and the photography world is definitely blessed with her presence. I have never met her in person – but it’s apparent that she is just the sweetest person. I joined her P52 in 2014 and that is what prompted me to learn manual. The members in the group were very encouraging. I didn’t finish the P52, but I did learn manual!

Another one from way back when would be Rachel Vanoven. I really enjoyed her images of newborn, children and families. Of course, I basically flipped out when I won “The Whole Shebang” on Thanksgiving 2014 from entering a contest on her Facebook. I couldn’t believe it! Her photography just keeps getting better and better.

And the last one that I can remember following so long ago – but certainly not least – Oh So Posh Photography. Her photography to me, was like a vivid dream – the colors so bright and bold. I swooned over every image. Lidia shared her photography journey about how she taught herself as she overcame cancer – a true warrior. Sadly, she faces other health problems and doesn’t really post on her Facebook much anymore. I wish that one day she will!

One thing I would like to say about looking back at the early stages of my journey – so early that it was before I even thought about being a photographer myself! – is that I find it very inspiring to look through the images of the photographers that are the big time photographers in the community. Just scroll backwards on the most recent image to come to the first images they posted on their timeline. It shows that photography truly is a JOURNEY – you can expect to always improve and evolve. It shows that while at first your images may not be the best in the world, just keep learning and you will develop your style!

Nowadays, I follow so many photographers. I find myself inspired by every one of them.

Please head on over to Rene Hermosillo Photography’s blog to read her Inspired post – and follow through the whole block circle to read everyone’s post!


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