it means that one day, i met someone and had no clue that years later, i couldn’t have become a mother without him

my hips (and feet) got wider and the stretch marks on my stomach got bigger and deeper

i gained two scars in the same exact spot and while my body changed, permanently

being pregnant will always be the most amazing thing it ever did


Photo by Lacey


it means that miracles occurred within me

and on two days, nine months later and approximately five years apart,

two baby girls were born – ava irene and allie vannah

and looking back now, it’s like they were always there

it means at times i have looked at my daughters and i have felt that i was looking at myself

and there have been moments where i saw a glimmer of the young ladies they will become

i get to witness beautiful relationships between sisters and dad/daughters ❤

it means long days and years that go by too fast

trying to remember how tiny they once were

and coming to terms with them getting bigger, smarter, prettier

it means pretending that there will never come a day that we won’t snuggle together

realizing one day, they are not going to need me as much as they do now

or, they will need me – just for different reasons

and that it is terrifying not quite knowing what the future holds for any of us

it means that i wouldn’t change anything

because i have been given love that is unconditional, overflowing and neverending ❤

Photo by Jody

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