Simple sessions are a type of session that FWP offers in the months it is impossible to do a session outdoors – late fall/winter/early spring. Click below for more information.

No, I do not have a “studio.” Partly because kids can become scared in a studio, with lots of expensive equipment they have to be careful around. Partly because a studio is an added cost that would require me to charge a fee for your session. The truth is, toddlers want to explore the world around them. If they want to walk around, that’s okay. Let them walk around the room, they will be more willing to give a good smile and laugh afterwards.

So what is the backdrop for FWP simple sessions? I have a wooden bench by Wooden Whale Workshop against a white wall in my dining room that gets beautiful light during late morning/early afternoon. I use a white reflector (a big white circle) to reflect some light back onto your child. No, it’s not fancy… it doesn’t need to be. I want to document your child as they are. Goofy and cute. Silly and sweet. Adorably them.

I do occasionally use a prop, but I want it to be meaningful. For example, around the holidays, I had a baby sized Christmas tree that I put on the bench with the child. For Valentine’s Day, mom covered baby in lipstick kisses. If your child has a binky, lovey or a blanket, bring it, I’d love to incorporate it into the session. I do have a wardrobe available that I have curated, so you can save some money by borrowing an outfit for the session.

I do not charge a session fee for these sessions as they take about 5-10 minutes. Babies and toddlers can handle longer sessions, but it takes precise planning of nap time, when they ate last, etc. Typically, I find that they are able to do well during this time frame, even with time to explore their surroundings. I find that I am able to get at least 5 images, sometimes more depending on the child and if they are enjoying the session, as well as age (baby = unable to move so easier to contain).

Once your session is over, I edit the photos (within 3 days) and post them to an online gallery where you can view and download with print release or order prints/products. FWP offers a nice selection of print sizes, wall arts, and gifts.

I post the dates and times that I am available for simple sessions in my group on Facebook at least 24 hours in advance.



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