Winter. It is the one season I just don’t really like. The cold, the snow, the darkness. The lack of color. Every winter, I seem to go through a funk. It’s hard to photograph in the winter. The scenery isn’t good and it’s too cold to do outdoor photography sessions. It gets dark so early it’s hard to do photographs indoors, too.

One thing I am fascinated by is frost and how it covers everything. To my surprise, I woke up one morning to get Ava ready for school and when we walked out to the bus, I noticed the frost covering everything. I ran back inside for my camera and macro lens filter and walked around my backyard taking photos of what I saw, hoping to capture it beautifully.

I love the colors in these photos, they are so pretty. The frost made the backgrounds almost pastel in color. The tones of greens are phenomenal. I think it is so neat how the frost was almost like little barbs on everything. Imagine my surprise when I saw the spiderweb covered in frost! I actually gasped!!

What are your thoughts on winter? What do you like or don’t like about winter?

Comment below to let me know your thoughts.

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