I admittedly do not carry my DSLR around with me 24/7. It’s big and bulky. Not to mention, I’d be afraid of something happening to it using it that much.

I do however, carry my phone with me nearly at all times. No, the quality isn’t anywhere as good as my DSLR’s quality but it’s all about composition, light and the edit for me. I have photos from my phone that are some of my absolute favorites.

I had the iPhone 4, iPhone 6, iPhone 7+ and I currently have the iPhone 11 Pro Max. My iPhone 4 photos are not the greatest, I was really just getting started with smart phone photography then. I have some real favorites on my iPhone 6 and iPhone 7+. I am BLOWN AWAY by the capabilities of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, especially that it is such an upgrade from the iPhone 7+ which had portrait mode but it wasn’t all that great in my opinion. I rarely used it. The iPhone 11 Pro Max has the ability to change the f-stop to 1.4, which is literally what I shoot with on my DSLR a lot of the time – I just love bokeh (the blurriness of the background.)

My favorite apps for editing are Afterlight and RNI Films. They both have great presets. Afterlight has some neat overlays that can make your photo look more interesting. RNI Films has a great grain texture that you can adjust. I also like the fun “disposable camera” apps like HUJI and Kanon-Classic. They can be kind of finicky in my opinion.

You can absolutely take wonderful photos on your phone. You need to practice, try different things, use light to your advantage, try to keep the background uniform to limit distractions. Capture real! You don’t need your subject to smile for every picture. Document the little things that you don’t want to forget.

I want to remind you to please make sure to print the photos from your phone. There are different apps you can use, Shutterfly is a great one for up to 250 free prints which you just pay shipping (for me, it usually ends up being $25ish for 250 photos, but the quality is definitely better than Walmart or other cheap print places for about the same price if you paid for them.) You can also back them up in a cloud or upload them to your computer and save to a USB drive or external hard drive, if your phone quits working you will lose those photos forever, and that would be sad.

Lastly, I would LOVE to teach you smart phone photography – I have a class that I teach! I can do 1:1 (just you and me) or a class (up to 5 people.) It’s super fun to share my knowledge with you. I love what I do. I really want EVERYONE to have beautiful pictures from their phone ❤

Have you ever taken a great photograph on your phone? I’d love to hear about it! ❤

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