Jesica Forever Whimsy Photography Worthington Pittsburgh PA Lifestyle PhotographerHello! ♥ I am Jesica. I specialize in lifestyle family photography outside of the Pittsburgh, PA area. Let’s get together! You provide the moments and I will turn them into TANGIBLE memories, ones that you can hold in your hands and actually look at! ♥ GIMME REAL! Let me show you how beautiful your life is (REALLY!)


My goal is to document those moments that you always want to remember. Your baby’s first days of life and you couldn’t help but sniff that amazing baby scent every second you could. Your baby turned into a toddler and now they are crawling… walking… running… and jumping on the furniture. Your child’s smile and how cute it looks with half of their teeth missing. How your children hold hands and whisper in each other’s ears and then giggle incessantly. All the while, you and your significant other are just standing back and admiring this amazing life you have built together.

These are the seconds of time that I want you to have the ability to view any time that you wish. I want your kids and your grandkids to enjoy these photographs and catch a glimpse into what life was like for you, now. The photographs that I take during your session will become instant treasures ♥

img_7923 img_2557img_8176


img_1793 2


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