*enhancements include: cropping and color correction (some photos may not color correct due to corruption of the film – black and white will be utilized in those instances)

No photo description available.

If you have any slides, negatives, or transparencies laying around or can ask family members to gather them up… send them to Jesica!!! I have wanted to get all of mine digital for years! She was amazing, she scanned in thousands of pictures in a very short amount of time. I was able to see so many pictures I had never seen before, and especially if your family members have passed away these are precious memories to you! 💜 – A.V.

  1. Find all of the negatives/slides/transparencies that you or your family has safeguarded all of these years!
  2. Send/bring me your negatives/slides/transparencies
  3. I will scan the negatives/slides/transparencies to make them digital (minus any that are too blurry, damaged, etc.)
  4. I will email you digital proof sheets for you to view
  5. You will choose which photos you want enhanced and send an email back to me
  7. I will enhance the photos you selected – $0.35/photo plus tax
  8. I will upload the enhanced images to an online folder for you to download once you have paid your invoice *must download on computer within 2 weeks of receiving
  9. You will be able to share online/reprint as you wish (up to 8×10)
  10. Enjoy the memories your loved ones documented so many years ago and share them with future generations!

Please note that turn around time is dependent on size of project. I was able to scan in around 3,000 photos in a month, with enhancements done to about 1,000 of them. I ask that you be patient while I work on large projects. I do also send the proof sheets as I work on them vs. all at the end, so that you don’t become overwhelmed by looking through so many images all at once. 

Types of film that I am able to convert:

ZONOZ-FS-3-22MP-All-In-1-Film-Slide-Converter-Scanner-w-Speed-Load-Adapters-for-35mm-126-110-Negative-Slides-Super-8-Films-Include_2358757_e9a4ce5ca7883491a8Image result for 120 film

*At this time, I am unable to convert 8mm film/reels or disc film.

Contact me to discuss your project

at or 724.467.9143

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